Book your outdoorexperience now

Book your outdoorexperience now

Smooth and mobile holiday
the way you choose

We offer you a variation of outdoor equipment for rent for a smooth, flexible and relaxed holiday.

With a wide range of different accommodation, packages and outdoor equipment, there is something to suit everyone who longs for a nature experience. We leave you to find your own unique place for your mobile accommodation.

How it works 

You want to experience nature without buying outdoor equipment. We have outdoor equipment for rent and show how equipment works. You have a spot on spot from the center of Dalarna to get out into nature.

You choose package/accommodation, tailor with / without options
You book on our website, we send confirmation
We pack and prepare equipment
You pick up in our store in Djura, we go through equipment
You go to your chosen place for your experience and enjoy
You return equipment and go home richer in experiences

Spring adventures

Springtime Dalarna

Hiking packagedeal

Here you will find all our holiday accommodation and outdoor equipment that will take you one step closer to your nature experience

Djura, Dalarna - Always close to natureexperiences

Sälen 2 h
Idre 3 h
Trysil 3 h
Grövelsjön 3,5 h
Orsa Grönklitt 1,5 h
Orsa Finnmark 2 h
Fulufjäll national reserve 3 h
Romme ski resort 35 m
Tällberg 25 m
Bjursås 50 m
Gyllbergens natural reserve 50 m
Fänebofjärdens nationalpark 2 h
Vasaloppet start och mål, 2 resp 1 h