Nomadic North offers vacation rentals, packagedeals and outdoorequipment for a climate-smart natureexperience. 

You can choose the right accommodation with the right equipment from your specific needs or let us offer you a ready-made accommodation package. Longing for a nature experience can feel far removed from really implementing it if you do not have the equipment or knowledge of what you need. That's why NomadicNorth exists. We want to enable fantastic nature experiences for everyone and it also feels climate-smart that we are more people sharing things. We always work on the basis that our products should be smart, flexible, safe and preferably good-looking as well. So let us help you with the practical and you will have more time to experience Sweden's natural gems.

Simply making outdoor experiences happen

NomadicNorth consists of Jesper and Caroline. We love nature experiences, big and small, with or without children, alone or with a group of friends, as long as they happen. We live in Djura, a small town south of Leksand. In addition to the fact that Djura, which means Light, is absolutely wonderful in itself, Djura is also close to magnificent nature in all directions and edges. This has made us being more in nature than in any urban environment. In the past, we experienced a big gap between the desire to go on a multi-day nature experience and the knowledge and equipment for implementation, especially when we would start to bring the children to. Once we bought our outdoor equipment and learned smart tricks and what you actually can and not in nature, we have been able to take part in magnificent nature experiences.


"Moving from one place to another rather then living in one place all of the time"

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So then we started thinking that more people should be able to feel the same thing as we did at the same time as we feel that it feels so unnecessary for everyone to go and buy their equipment when we can actually share them. That is where the idea of NomadicNorth was born.

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