Top 5 outdoor activities Dalarna

Hiking in the magnificent nature, of course!
Some of our favorites are Grövelsjön, beautiful summer Fäbodtrails at Fryksås, Rättvik, Orsa and Gagnef, Skebergsklitten, Gyllingberget nature reserve and Sälen.

Water experiences
In addition to the obvious waterfall Njupeskär, we like Styggforsen, Helvetesfallet and Storstupet as cool waterfalls. For nice cooling dives, the rivers are unbeatable, we think, just dive in! The valleys are full of beautiful lakes, but a swim in Siljan is clearly something special, preferably from the long bridge in Rättvik or out in the calm on Vaverön.

Just pick and choose whatever you want. Sälen, Idre and Romme are the largest downhill facilities, but Orsa Grönklitt, Granberget, Rättviksbacken and Gesunda are some of the other smaller ones on offer. If you want to go cross country skiing, you have a number of trails in Dalarna, where Bjursås is a real gem.

Biking Dalarna is not called that for nothing, it is literally full of cycling adventures around Dalarna. With 21 different bike areas, you just have to choose. Go to for good info about cycle paths.

Berries, mushrooms, fish or peace of mind
No matter what you look for, we can say that Dalarna is full of welcoming forests. They are rich in blueberries, wild raspberries, lingonberries and cloudberries during the period July to September, they do have fishing all year round and fields full of mushrooms that are waiting to be picked during the autumn. If you are looking for quiet and calm, it is everywhere in the forests of Dalarna, as long as you allow yourself to relax and for a while.

That was our Top 5 Dalarna. Find everything about Dalarna

Top 5 family camping

Make everything a fun 
Search, discover, compete, treasure hunt, adventure. Call it what you will except hiking, washing dishes, bedtime or cooking.

No mobile signal
Small, small white lies must be okay when you want a relaxed holiday. No signal in the woods is a fact, just as good to leave the cell phone in the car.

It can be delicious with slow cooking and dining. But everything tastes good out in nature, so take some shortcuts and prep with energy snacks to avoid hungry little stomachs. 

Bring some of that home feeling
Bring a teddy, your favorite pillow or the book you always read at bedtime even on a trip, so there is comfort, peace of mind and sleep closer at hand

Hammock and blanket
To have somewhere the children can chill or play during the day when you do not want them in the tent. Bring a hammock or comfortable blanket that feels cozy and fun.

These were our tips on Top 5 to camp with children, feel free to tell us about yours to

Top 5 tips for outdoorcooking

Outdoorcooking and prepping
If you have time before travel, there is a lot to gain from prepping in advance. Make ready-made spice mixers, mix things in smaller packages that can be reused, bake / mix small snacks and fill the thermos with cocoa and sugar or coffee and milk powder to just pour on water later. The tricks are many, and the flavors differ but everyone can prep. 

Homemade, clean and holistically well thought out is great, BUT not in all situations because then the trip may never even happen instead. Dare to take some shortcuts, a ready-made powder soup, a can of ravioli or even a bag from the fast food chain is OK if that is what makes you actually go out into the woods.

Heat & light
A fireplace or an outdoor kitchen provides not only food but also heat. If you cook inside a Tentipi, the cooking provides both food, light and heat, and if you cook outside in nature, it is a great place for fellowship that brings heat and light. 

Yes please, always on hand. To bring a ready-made smoothie, nut mix, flapjacks or why not a really good chocolate cake. When energy is low, always make sure you have some snacks available - preferably a little sweet, salty and fat.

Everything tastes better in nature and the stomach growls after an outdoor activity. It does not have to be boring even if you take shortcuts. Garnish where you can, with fresh berries, readymade desserts, a fresh spice on top of the soup or some fresh vegetables on the plate.

Our Top 5 outdoorcooking, how to get good food in nature.

Top 5 on what to do on a rainy day

The swedish cliché clothes after weather
Ok, this is something that all parents have been told over and over again as a child, but it's just as true anyway. There is really no bad weather, as long as you have functional and comfortable clothes.

Awesome activities in the rain
If you have children, do not forget that rain is a toddler's favorite weather and if you are an adult - do not forget that you were once a child. Some favorites for us are forest baths, to consciously listen and feel the forest with rainwear and then sit or lie down in the rain in silence. With children, it can be fun to go out and discover animals that like rain, build simple rain shelters, walk to a rainshelter and under the protection of the roof drink hot chocolate. Near water you can take the rubber boots and a net and go out and see who lives in the water.

Puzzlegames and books
It is actually cozy to be indoors when it rains. With a little nice lighting, a spotify list and a good book, it can be pure heaven. If you have children with you, the book may last for 15 minutes, and then games are a real mood booster. Our family usually goes to the Tropea Cup (named after three epic rainy days in Tropea, Italy) where you simply set up a game tournament that can last for a long time with several different games.

Peace of mind
Is there anything that makes one as relaxed as rain? The pressure to do something, experience something, take advantage, enjoy the weather..all that disappears and you can stay in bed longer, eat breakfast longer and read longer, everything a little longer and slower simply. Or why not just turn off completely for a while and listen, feel and just be, because the sound of rain can be soothing to body and soul as long as you allow yourself to stop.

To choose something else
Okay, you're out to experience nature. But after the third day of rain, you feel like you know this by now. Break up from nature for a while, maybe there is a museum, a mall or a movie theater within a few miles? Civilization has its advantages.

Our Top 5 a rainy day in nature, do you have more tips? Send a message to