Our tips for a smoother familyvacay

SUP with children 

Paddling SUP, stand up paddleboard, is one of the best family activities and nature experiences we know. We love it, the kids love it and as a bonus it is really good training and teaches the kids stability, strength and technique on water. 

We have brought with us some tips that we think are important when you take the children to SUP:

- Life jackets can be an obstacle to easily get on the board as an adult, but you can easily pull up a child who has fallen in, so life jackets on the little ones 

- Test the board yourself before you take the children to feel a little about the stability, technology and that it is inflated enough so you feel safe with the children 

- Start in calm water. Apart from the fact that it can feel a little scary to start in waves, it is also much easier to start learning in calmer waters where not so much muscle is needed but you can concentrate on technology, 

- Let the children paddle. Children learn fast, so let them test, teach simple techniques and sit down and enjoy for a while 

- Do not forget the game. In deeper water, the boards are made to learn to dive from, have a little men's blanket competition and as a safe raft when swimming. 

- Bring a picnic. There are straps to take some packing on the board, so bring some energy replenishment, go ashore on an island or cozy place and enjoy a moment in the peace.

Picking wild cloudberries

To be able to put on rubber boots and go out on the mire to look for the golden gold in the forest is easily an adventure to remember, also a good one if you like cloudberries. 

There is not just one but several things that contribute to the sense of adventure according to our children. To be able to pat around in boots in a mire and be given time to play with both water and plants was given top marks, to also make the cloudberry hunt a treasure hunt gave an extra dimension to the picking and to eat fresh cloudberries that melt in the mouth as a reward gave the highest rating . A good tip for a successful cloudberry hunt is to go first as an adult to see how deep you sink into the mire so ithevexperience dont turn out as nasty but just exciting for small children and do not forget that mosquitoes usually like the mire just as much as we do so take full clothes and preferably a mosquitostick in your pocket. Add time for play in the calculation and include a wastage account in the form of one in the mouth and one in the jar as a setting so that the reward will not just come in the form of a jam jar later on.