How do you get that really cozy glamping feeling?

Here are some tips that will make the difference from camping to glamping camping according to NomadicNorth: 

  • Cozy lighting Candle lanterns, light strings, fireplace or storm lantern. Whatever you choose, the light provides a cozy setting 
  • Comfortable bed No, it's not as comfortable with a bed as thin as yoga mats. With a thick mattress, soft sheets and a warm sleeping bag or blanket, you get it as comfortable as at home in nature. 
  • Comfortable, cozy seating It should not have to be hard and uncomfortable. Bring a comfortable inflatable pouf, folding chairs and a hammock for a relaxed hang during the day. 
  • Luxury table A small folding table or shelf where you can set up the things that make you feel the way you do when you feel best at home. A book, your favorite mug, a scented candle or maybe a bottle of bubbly. 

Glamping camping at its best in our opinion!


In our opinion, a stormlykta as called in swedish, is not only a real cozy light but perfect to take out in the dark for the nightly visit to take a leak. One wonders how much light a lone flame can scatter in a dark forest, it has a huge impact. Inside the tent, the flame is enough to create enough light to be able to read and is a real highlight as a cosiness factor at an indoor dinner on a rainy day in the tent. Our  lanterns we rent out are already used by the  Swedish Armed Forces before we have bought them and fixed them to be used in nature by more people. They are available as a supplement to your booking.