Before experience 


How does the rental work?

You book what you need on our website, either only accommodation, packages or accommodation with your choice of addition of outdoor equipment. We will send a confirmation showing what you ordered and payment plan. We pack and prepare equipment You pick up in our store in Djura, Dalarna. We go through equipment with you so you see that everything you ordered is included and feel safe in the use of all equipment. You go to your chosen place for your experience and enjoy, if there is any equipment you need help with during your trip we are available. You return the equipment in the same condition as you received it in Djura 

Can I cancel? 

Our standard cancellation policy is full refund if you cancel no later than 3 days before the rental period. Thereafter no refund. The cancellation period for promotions and last-minute bookings may differ, but then it always appears at the time of booking. 

How does it work with insurance? 

It is the same thought when you rent through us as when you go on any holiday trip. Check that you have your own insurance, such as home insurance or travel insurance that covers any problems that may arise during your holiday. The products are not insured through us, but we rely on you to be responsible for having insurance that covers any damage, as if you had broken something in a hotel room. 

Do I get an agreement on the rental? 

Yes, you will receive a digital booking confirmation and digital receipts for the payments you make. I am a company, how does it work then? Contact us directly via email or phone if you are a company that needs larger volumes and we will find a solution that suits you.


When do I have to pay for what I rent?

Our payment policy is 50% of the amount at the time of booking and the remaining amount 7 days before collection. When booking later than 7 days before collection, full payment is made immediately.

Is it safe to pay via your website?

Yes. We use Stripe for credit card payments. Stripe is used by large companies such as Volvo and H&M. On site in Djura there is also the possibility of payments via Swish.

What payment methods are there?

You can choose to pay by credit card on the website. It is also possible to pay with Swish on site at pick-up or when you are out on your holiday for easy payment of, for example, additional products or extension of the rental period.

Do I get a receipt for the payment?

Yes, you always get a digital receipt for your credit card payment.


When and where can I pick up my equipment? 

You pick up your booked equipment in our store in Djura between 11 - 18 on the day of collection. We determine an exact time and are on site for collection and review of equipment before your arrival. If you find it difficult to come during regular opening hours, please contact us.

How long should I expect to pick up? 

We know you want to get away, so we make picking up as smooth and safe as possible. It is difficult to say an exact time as there is a difference between picking up a roof tent to be attached to a car or a SUP board that you have in a minute. When we hear about pick-up time, we can give you more information about what time we are counting on. 

Do I get a review of the equipment before I go? 

Yes, for your safety, we go through the equipment before you go. If you have set up a tent of the brands we offer before, you may not need it, but if you want a review, we are there for it. 

Is there an alternative pick-up location? We have our store in Djura, which is close to the entire spectrum of Dalarna, western Norway and if you travel from the south on the way up - all of northern Sweden. So right now we have no alternative pick-up location. BUT is it the case that you are on your way by train north or need more products, we are not impossible to transport. Get in touch and we can see what we can do for you. 

Can you send a bid to another place with what I ordered? 

Today we do not offer transport to another place for individual rentals. If you have an event with several accommodations, please contact us for transport options.

What do I need for the roof racks for the roof tent? 

Check that you have the roof racks that can handle the stated weight of the tent. The maximum weight stated on the roof racks applies when driving a car. When you stand still with a car and go to sleep, that weight does not apply, but then it can handle more.

During your experience

What do I do if something does not work when I am away? 

First look at the website if there is help to get with equipment, we have put a lot of help under Flexible tips. If there is something that is broken, contact us by phone or email. 

Is there help available if I have difficulty assembling any equipment? 

We have several youtube clips and flexible tips on our website that show how the equipment works, see here. See if you find help there in the first place as it is difficult for us to show something over the phone. 

What do I do if I want to end the rental earlier?

Sometimes you simply need to end your rental. Of course it goes well, but we do not give a refund during the rental period. For return of equipment in the store, it is good to contact us for time or instructions. 

What do I do if I want to extend the rental? 

Extension of rental period must be approved by us. As long as it is available for a longer period of time, it is usually fine to resolve an extension by contacting us by email or telephone. 

What about the right of public access when camping in nature? 

We have posted a great review of the Right of Public Access from both the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Tourist Association on our website under Right of Public Access. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's publication can be found here 

What if I miss something I ordered when I left? 

Take the time to go through with us that everything you ordered is included and works as it should when picked up, so you do not have to worry about missing something when you are away. It will be difficult for us to fix something when you are already away.

After your experience 

When and how do I return what I rented?

You leave the equipment where you picked it up in our store in Djura unless otherwise agreed no later than 12 noon on the day of return. We give instructions for return before then. 

What if something broke during my rental?

Upon return, we go through equipment so no damage has occurred. If it is the case that something has been damaged during the rental, we will agree on the applicable compensation. 

Who is responsible for compensation if something has disappeared during the rental or if someone / something has been damaged during use? 

You as a tenant are responsible for any damage and loss of equipment during rental. In the event of damage that has occurred to a person or object during rental, you are responsible as a tenant.