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Here we have gathered all the products we offer in one place. Dont find what you need? Unfortunately we do not have it yet. At the top you will find our holiday homes - roof tents, tents, cabins and campers and further down outdoor equipment such as rental of sleeping pads, sleeping bags and kitchen details. Are you missing something? Feel free to tip about outdoor equipment that has been real lifesavers for you to


Roof tent


Dalastuga Svea

Safari Pro M

Camper SIlje

Tents outdooradventures

Tentipi Onyx

Heimplanet Backdoor

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Går första pirriga förälskelsen  med outdoorprylen du hyrt över i kärlek. Det händer alla någon gång och det vill vi så klart uppmuntra!

Vi går alltid in med ambitionen att kunna sälja det vi hyrt ut när det är dags att köpa in nytt. Det ska mycket, mycket till för att vi ska låta något gå som förlorat och hamna på tippen. 

Tveka inte, fråga och vi svarar!

Tents hiking and biking

Helsport Fjellheimen IIII

Hennessy hängmattetält

Bergans Trollhetta III

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Outdoor equipment

Customize your vacation with the outdoorequipment you need. Below we have listed all the outdoor gadgets we offer. They are booked together with your selected holiday accommodation on the website. Which equipment that is available for your particular accommodation,  can be seen in Step 3 in your bookingrequest. Once you have selected and booked your holiday accommodation.
Click and select what you want to add easy, smooth and tailor-made.

Cooking kit

Trangia kitchen, fuel, matches, water container, dish brush, soap, dish towel, kitchen utensils


Trangiakök 25-4

Fuel in a childproof bottle

Water container Donje with tap. 10 L

Cozy lighting kit

Light loop, storm lantern and tent lamp

Details Fully refueled kerosene lamp from the defense

Solar-powered tent lamp with light level setting

USB powered light loop

Eat out kit

Kuplika Cups and cutlery made of 50% wood and 50% plastic. Stylish, light and hygienic that handles heat and cold just as well. Holds 3.5 dl and is just as suitable for outdoor bites as scooping up water and drinking from a stream.

Eating kit

Plate, bowl, spork and mug from Light My Fire in biobased plastic

Sleeping kit Deluxe

Rent sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow and tent lamp

Details Exped Deepsleep Mat, self-inflating 7.5 cm thick sleeping pad. Insulation for year-round use.

Haglöfs Tarius sleeping bag. Works well down to a few degrees below zero, fits people> 190 cm.

Nice pillow

Solar-powered tent lamp with light level adjustment

Sleeping kit Basic

Rent sleeping pads and sleeping bag


Flexmat Plus M sleeping pad in closed cell foam. Folds easily during transport.

Haglöfs Tarius sleeping bag. Works well down to a few degrees below zero, fits people> 190 cm.

Hekla Firebox

Hekla firebox with wood and matches


Perfect alternative to spirits kitchen, or as a source of heat and light. Can be used both indoors in Tentipi Onyx or outdoors.

Dimensions 345 x 210 x 110 mm folded up, weight 1 kg. Works well to use on bare ground and in snow, with its fold-out legs.

Tarp / wind protection Exped tarp III

Perfect weather protection on the hiking trip or outside the camper. Ideal for a dry dining area or instead of a tent as a roof for sleeping space.
Details: Weight: 1.3 kg, fits easily in Exped hiking backpack. Unfolded 350 x 350, pack size 34 x 14 cm Suitable for 3-4 people in a sleeping bag

Trangia spirit kitchen

The classic, ingenious Trangia kitchen that has made culinary adventures in nature since 1925.

DetailsTwo pots, frying pan and coffee pan.

Burner powered by T-red.

Please note that fuel or matches are not included when renting the kitchen. For a complete kit, check out our Cooking Kit.

Exped hiking backpack

Exped vandringsryggsäck

Lightweight hiking backpack for adults.

Details: Packing volume: 60 L. Weight: 1.9 kg + Adjustable support system for both body shape and load distribution + Many different compartments and pockets for easy storage during hiking and when stopping


Fully refueled kerosene storm lantern used by the defense, now fixed by NomadicNorth and ready to use again.

Silje sleeping kit

Rent sheets and towels to make your holiday a little smoother.


Väljer du att hämta upp på plats i vår butik så hittar du bra att ha outdoorprylar som du kanske inte tänkt på.

Standup paddleboards

KONA Beach 10.8

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