Sustainability made smart

Everyone knows that we only have one planet and that nature is open to all but as fragile as beautiful. How do you really know when you're doing the right thing when you think of the best interests of the planet?

Yes, if you had all the answers, it would have been easy. We have decided to do as much as we can where we have the greatest impact and have from the very beginning shaped our business concept from economic, ecological and social sustainability. We believe that it is easiest to do the most right if you let all goals be sustainable, and strongly believe that everyone can and want to do something and commit to :

Look as much at the company's as nature's resources

Have resource efficiency and climate-smart operations for all purchases and transports

See the opportunity to influence sharing before new consumption, choice of close holiday over long journeys and increased well-being in nature

Checklist suppliers

With a checklist to really make sure that our purchases are sustainable, we look at the entire value chain as far as we can.

The checklist is based on:





Opportunities for improvement in the future

We know, for example, that most tents are made in China, even if it is a Swedish or European brand. What we have to do then is look at the supplier's sustainability work and choice of subcontractor in China and look at how the transport from China goes, as some offer train transport before flight.

Customer checklist

In order for our customers to have the opportunity to act in a climate-smart way when they use our products, we have developed a code of conduct. Quite simply a checklist of how to take care of nature's resources in a climate-smart way when you camp, live in a cabin or go on a wilderness trip.

We have done this because we know, at least from our own experience, it can feel difficult to do the right thing and not be completely climate confused in certain matters. But how do you do MOST right? The checklist is precisely our interpretation of how we feel that you do the right thing and you can find it here

If you have suggestions for several measures or thoughts that you want to share, get in touch at

Hyra, testa, köpa second hand?

Går första pirriga förälskelsen  med outdoorprylen du hyrt över i kärlek. Det händer alla någon gång och det vill vi så klart uppmuntra!

Vi går alltid in med ambitionen att kunna sälja det vi hyrt ut när det är dags att köpa in nytt. Det ska mycket, mycket till för att vi ska låta något gå som förlorat och hamna på tippen. 

Tveka inte, fråga och vi svarar!