Right of puclic access

A unique opportunity that comes with a responsibility.

Do not disturb, do not destroy.

This is how easy it is to summarize the right of public access and how simple you can think about what you should and should not do in nature.

To make it easy to see what you should or get or what is BIG no no´s you find it in english here

We think that you get quite far on gut feeling and common sense, it feels like if you are wondering if something is really okay that you intend to do, maybe it is a signal to think about better alternatives or check recommendations before you do it 

By all means pitch a tent for a night or two in the countryside! Remember to pitch it in a suitable place – in other words, where farming is not carried on and not too close to a residence. Indeed, the greater the risk of disturbing someone, all the greater reason there is to ask for permission. Consideration is especially important when camping with caravans and motor homes outside designated areas. Such camping is governed by off-road vehicle use laws.

Campers and tents